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What is Pilgrim Care?

A group of Christians from various Churches in St. Andrews came together in 1994 to consider the availability of Care facilities and of pastoral support for the elderly in St. Andrews and the surrounding area.

They considered that a high quality Care housing facility with a Christian ethos should be available for the frail elderly in the area, and began to discuss, plan and pray for this Charitable venture.  They envisaged the provision of housing and personal care on the basis of need rather than on income and ability to pay; they wanted this Care facility to be open to all elderly persons who might value a Christian caring ethos, whatever their beliefs.  They also wanted to provide continuity of care, tailored to personal needs, with facilities ranging from Sheltered housing through to 24 hour care and basic nursing care.  

The provision of Christian pastoral support for the elderly was considered to be an essential component of whole person Care and this should be available both for residents in the Care housing and also for those elderly still living at home. 

As a result of these Group Meetings, a Scottish Charitable Company named Pilgrim Care was formed and formally registered in March 1995 to work for these aims.  This has the support of local Churches of all denominations.  Pilgrim Care was officially launched as a Scottish Charity at a crowded public Meeting in St. Andrews Town Hall, with the Baroness McFarlane as our then Patron and speaker. 

Management of Pilgrim Care

As a registered Scottish Charitable Company, officially recognized by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and registered with Companies House, Edinburgh, Pilgrim Care members elect a Board of Directors who are also Charity Trustees; the Directors take appropriate action in line with our Constitution and take responsibility for finances and formalities.  Members are liable for only £1 stg. if the Company closes.

How did Pilgrim Care approach this task?

Pilgrim Care has two closely linked aims:

  1. the provision of Care housing to be managed and run with a Christian ethos; and

  2. to assist local Churches and individuals who provide pastoral caring support for the elderly.  

For both of these aims, the highest professional standards and proven experience are essential.

  1. For the Care housing facility, high quality buildings are needed and Pilgrim Care has therefore visited several such Care Homes, and has taken advice from, and negotiated with, appropriate Care providers, Building developers, Planning Authorities and professional experts.
    The concept of a Care village in attractive grounds, with sheltered housing adjacent to a continuing Care Home was recommended.
    To design and operate such facilities requires collaboration with an experienced Care Housing provider with a record of high quality Care for the elderly.  Pilgrim Care has therefore been in negotiations with several highly regarded Care providers, one of whom has agreed to provide the personal care for residents and is in discussions about suitable facilities.
  2. The other related objective is to ensure the provision of Christian pastoral care and support for elderly residents of the proposed Care facility and also for those still at home.  To this end, and to assist local Churches of all denominations in their provision of social and spiritual support for the elderly in the community, Pilgrim Care has organized and provided professional training courses in Pastoral Care in collaboration with the Edinburgh Charity, ‘Faith in Older People’.

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Independent Examiner: Mr. I. Palfrey, Henderson Black & Co., 149 Market St., St. Andrews KY16 9PF.

Company Registration No.: 157367

Scottish Charity No.: SC023571

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